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Price List 2017

Pastel Portrait of a Child or Adult Up to 18" x 24"


Pastel Portrait of a Pet Up to 18" x 24"


Acrylic on Canvas Portrait of a Pet 16" x 20"


Acrylic on Canvas Portrait of a Pet 10" x 10"


Acrylic on Canvas Portrait of a Pet 5" x 7"


Cartoon, Acrylic on Canvas 5" x 7" or 4" x 6" 
(7/8" Canvas)


Cartoon, Acrylic on Canvas 5" x 7" (Gallery 1 " Canvas)


Oil Portrait of a Child, Adult or Pet 20" x 24" 
(Head & Shoulders)


Double Mat, Glass & Frame for Pastels

$100 - $200

Please ask for a quote for a different size, a complex background or additional figures on the same painting. Framing and shipping are in addition to the price listed above. Prices are subject to change.

Portraits are usually done from photos.

Yes, I can paint cats, reptiles, fish, you name it!

The Making of a Portrait

You can send me photos by email or Face Book messenger to start the conversation about what will work best in a painting. When possible, I truly enjoy the opportunity to meet the people and pets that I paint. Scheduling a photo shoot is an option if you live in the La Crosse area. There is no extra charge for a photo shoot within a 20 mile radius of La Crosse, Wisconsin.

To get the process started, a 50% nonrefundable deposit is due before the photo shoot or after we've decided on which of your own photos will work best. I will begin your painting as soon as possible. I am usually booked 3 months out. Please know that I will do my best to accommodate your needs. The remaining amount of commission is due once the painting is completed.

It is not necessary to decide on the exact dimensions of the painting since it is often best to let the photo do some of the deciding. However, if you know an approximate size or price range that you would like to stay within, I am happy to work with you to come up with something that fits your wallet, your walls, and your family.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal are accepted.
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Q & A

Question: How long does it take to paint something?

Answer: It generally takes 4 to 6 weeks to finish a painting. Oil portraits can take up to 3 months.

Question: I like that pastel you did of the little boy fishing. Can you paint a picture of my three grandchildren?

Answer: Of course! There are a few things to consider. The fees charged for my work reflect the time spent painting each face. To a lesser extent, the size of the painting affects the price. When I paint 3 faces on one painting, the price will be three times the cost of painting just one face minus a little cost savings on materials. More importantly, you need to consider who is going to eventually end up with the painting? Will the grandkids fight over it some day? It might be better to do three individual portraits that can be hung in your home as a group. If money is a factor, then you might want to have me do a portrait of each child at different times to spread out the expense. For example, if the oldest is 12, I could paint her first. Then let me paint the middle child when she turns 12 and then the youngest when he turns 12. By the way, 5 years of age is a good time to start having formal portraits painted of a child. You might want to repeat the process every 5 or 6 years as a child grows.

Question: Id like to have you do a painting of all my dogs. One has died but it would be nice to have a picture of them all together.

Answer: I can definitely work from old photos. But when you try to combine photos taken in different light conditions and from different angles, problems happen. The light might be coming from the left in one photo, from the right in another photo and a third photo might have been taken indoors where light is coming from several lamps. Also, unless the animals are all together in one photo, its hard to determine the relative size of each animal. You will be much happier with the result if you let me do separate paintings. My worst painting ever was the result of just this problem! I painted a horse and a dog and had no reference for how big each face was! The horses photo was taken looking straight at her face while the dogs picture was taken from a standing position looking down at the top of the dogs head with the light coming from a different direction! Im good, but Im not THAT good! If you really want to incorporate a photo of a pet whos passed on, we might want to do a photo shoot of the your pets and have a framed photo of the other pet as part of the background scene.

Josh-web-rotated.jpg (553467 bytes)        josh-web-cropped-original-photo.jpg (227384 bytes)        

Finished pastel painting and 35 year old photo
used as a reference 

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