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Moussie-dog-portrait.jpg (414947 bytes)
(Chocolate Lab)
Pastel on Paper. 25x17. 2011

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The Story of the Moussie Portrait

Merry and Randy were the parents of Moussie, the chocolate lab. Moussie was getting on in years and they asked me to paint a pastel portrait of their beloved girl. They presented me with a few photos that were basically brown dog on green grass. That wasn't going to work! So I went to their home and did a photo-shoot with this pretty lady. Merry explained to me that they were remodeling their living room and that the color scheme was going to be taken from a small colorful poster they had hanging on a wall. 

Moussie hopped up onto her favorite chair and posed for me. The light shining through a window was perfect. But the chair was taupe on beige and the walls were tan.  Brown dog on beige chair? I painted the wall behind her in yellow and "reupholstered" the chair to match the new living room. Changing her surroundings made her beauty really shine! Her velvety brown fur looks beautiful against the brightly colored chair and wall. 

This painting has gotten more hits on my Facebook page than anything I have ever posted. I exhibit prints of it at art shows and people stop and ask if it is a photo (as opposed to a painting). 

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