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The painting shown below was commissioned by Gigi's grandma and grandpa. This painting has gone to its forever home and is obviously not for sale. If you would like me to paint a custom portrait of your Chihuahua or any other pet for that matter, contact me to discuss getting just the right photos for this project and to arrange payment.
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Acrylic on Canvas
Gigi greeting cards and prints are available!
The cost of a similar painting, 10"x10" acrylic on canvas, portrait of one pet, head and shoulders will be $225. Other options are available and fees will vary.  

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Gigi's Story

I teach yoga and two of my fellow yogis, Judy and Jim, are the "parents" of Amy, Gigi's "mom." They asked me to paint a portrait of Gigi for Amy's birthday. They wanted it to be a surprise and showed me a couple of photos. I wanted to see more and they told me she posted a lot of photos of her dog on Facebook. I suggested that I friend her. But Judy was worried that my friending Amy would somehow spoil the surprise. I suggested that they just tell her that their yoga teacher is as nuts about her dog as she is and that we should friend each other. Well, that worked!  I spent hours going through Gigi hundreds of photos on her Facebook. Gigi runs trails while her "parents" Amy and Chris ride their bicycles. Gigi goes everywhere with them. Gigi is one little go-getter and quite an athlete! I fell in love with a photo of Gigi sitting on a table at an outdoor Cantina. She was sitting next to a bottle of Corona and wearing that cute red vest. The light falling on her face was perfect for painting her portrait. Amy was delighted to get the painting. Several months later Amy, Chris and Gigi came to town and I got to meet Gigi in person. She's really a cutie pie and very sweet.

Gigi, Cheri and Chloe