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The Super Heroes Collection

The super heroes are real "people" and have given me permission to use their real names. Scroll to the bottom to read their personal stories.

Iridescent highlights add to the playfulness.   Super Hero ladies are wearing Swarovski crystal earrings.





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 500 or 172x 75



henry-the-labradude-web800.jpg (229919 bytes)
Henry the Labradude
Vanquishes His Nemesis,
 Rodentia, Queen of the Evil Rodent Underworld

Acrylic on Canvas. 12 x 12.
This is a commissioned work and not for sale. A similar painting of your pet (full body) will cost $325.

Scroll down for the Story of Henry the Labradude


 Lola-Alice-Save-The-Planet-800.jpg (128054 bytes)

Lola and Alice Save the Planet
Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 16"
"In a post-apocalyptic world, it's up to Lola and Alice
 to save the planet from the forces of evil!"

Lola and her daughter Alice are wearing metallic gold head bands and metallic collars. They wear Swarovski crystal earrings.

Scroll down for the Story of Lola and Alice

The-Chick-web.jpg (116502 bytes)
Acrylic on Canvas
5x7 2018

THE CHICK has a Swarovski crystal eye and crystals on her ankle bracelets. Her cape, ankle jewelry and highlights are done in iridescent paint.

the-chick-left-edge.jpg (106446 bytes)  the-chick-bottom-edge.jpg (194152 bytes)
The edges are decorated with a take-off from the Batman theme song.
"Buck-Buck, Buck-Buck, Buck-Buck, Buck-Buck,
Buck-Buck, Buck-Buck,
Buck-Buck, Buck-Buck, CHICKEN!"

Scroll down for the Story of THE CHICK and her super powers!


Super-Ken-web.JPG (130570 bytes)
Super Ken!
Acrylic on Canvas
5x7 2018
$125   Qty: 
The edges are decorated with a take-off from the
intro to the old Superman TV show:

"Faster than a bar code scanner!
Able to fix self-checkouts with the swipe of his card!
Look! At the self-checkout! 
Itís a shopper!
Itís an associate! 

Scroll down for the Story of SuperKen and his super powers!




Henryís Story

I was commissioned to paint a small full face portrait of Henry similar to the little 10x10 acyrilic I did of Gigi. I emailed Elaine asking her to tell me more about Henry, his hobbies, his favorite treats, his super powers. You know, the usual stuff. She sent me more pictures. When I saw the one where he has a dead mouse in his mouth, I just HAD to paint it! I was also going to paint the face portrait for Henry's parents. I mean, who would want a portrait of their dog munching on a dead mouse? But as the super hero portrait progressed on Facebook, they decided they wanted THAT painting!  Here's Elaine's email about Henry and his many talents.

 Hi Cheri,

I've attached more photos that depict Henry's personality. His full name is Henry T. Dog. The "T" stands for "The". He's a labradoodle that weighs in at 40 lbs and will be celebrating his 8th birthday on June 18th. The first photo "Hunter" shows him with one of his "kills."   Yes, thatís a real dead mouse. He is an avid hunter and he often catches and kills things,  like a squirrel, rat, mice and several birds. He loves to swim but only if you throw a stick into the water that he can retrieve. It has to be a stick, not a ball and he will do it all day long. He's a major family man and goes to all kid sporting events and roots for his sisters. His best friend is Rubio (Spanish for "Blond" not to be confused with Marco Rubio). And one of his favorite things in the world is to go on the boat which I can't say out loud without him jumping all over me.

He's a sweet guy (except to critters), mellow except when there's a stick and water involved, a very picky eater, sleeps in our bed and has immense separation anxiety when we leave him with friends when traveling. He wants to go with us and often does. Hope this helps!




The Story of
Lola and Alice

The painting of Lola and Alice is the first in my Super Hero series.

My friend Nadine Beezley and her husband own Hickory Wind Alpaca farm near Bangor, Wisconsin. Nadine sells alpaca fiber, yarns and knits at the Cameron Park Farmersí Market. She was kind enough to let me do a photo shoot at the farm.

For my alpaca painting I chose a photo of Lola and her daughter Alice. My first thought was to play off the "dynamic duo" concept, like Batman and Robin where Alice would only be Lolaís sidekick in fighting crime. I was well into the painting before I realized that there is real power in portraying them as a mother-daughter super hero team!

In doing my research for super hero accessories I stumbled on a poster for the new Wonder Woman movie where Wonder Woman is in a burnt out post-apocalyptic landscape. And then I had it! The ALPACA-lypse! Ha ha ha ha! This portrait was such a joy to paint. I loved playing up their femininity with the Swarovski crystal earrings and metallic collars and headbands.

I have always had a great love for animals and a strong commitment

to buying organic and locally grown foods. In this and my vegetable paintings, there is an underlying theme of bringing awareness to the destruction being done to our planet and our food supply. Who will save us?


The Story of THE CHICK and How
She Got Her Super Powers

In a lab-or-atory tucked into the side of a mountain in Kentucky, evil scientists worked on a diabolical plot to make chickens grow faster and larger than anyone ever imagined. These geniuses sought to manipulate the DNA of the new super-sized chickens to make them become suddenly boneless at maturity. But something went terribly awry.

(Dun-dun DUNNNN!)

A lab assistant dropped a beaker of DNA on the la-bor-atory floor that contaminated it with the DNA of a buffalo! The resulting hen grew and grew until she reached the size of a large bison! The scientists thought they had a huge success on their hands knowing that this gigantic, soon-to-be-boneless chicken would be worth a fortune. But instead of becoming boneless, she developed intelligence and powers far beyond those of any animal on the planet.

Enraged, deranged and ruffled when she learned of the inhumane living conditions of her fellow chickens, THE CHICK blew fire out of her beak! Her powers now unleashed, she broke out of the la-bor-atory. She sought to wreak havoc on all who would put chickens in tiny cages, stacked one on top of the other so that they pooped on each othersí heads!

THE CHICK traveled the countryside exacting justice for all poultry-kind. She barbequed anyone who stood in the way of her saving the others from lives of battery cages, suffering and bonelessness.


Kenny's Story
It's SuperKen!
Able to Leap Walmart in a Single Bound!

Sent as a baby to Earth from the dying planet Ben-ton, Ken-Nee was discovered and adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent of Smallville, Wisconsin. They named him Kenny. The young Kenny Kent, got his first job in high school working at the La Crosse Walmart. While working there, the flourescent lights seemed to have an odd effect on him. The more he worked, the stronger he became! He was small for his age and there was nothing normal about his superhuman strength!

Kennyís parents brought him up to do the right thing. As Walmart associate Kenny Kent, he devoted his life to helping others. he believed it to be immoral to let anyone leave Walmart without a smile on their faces under any circumstances.

One day, a tall display of paper towels began to wobble as a mother and her baby passed by. From the other side of the store, he instantly appeared (or did he fly?) and pushed the family out of harmís way and steadied the paper towels at the same time! People marveled at the sight. He had a hard time talking his way out of it. From then on he learned to hide his abilities to avoid drawing attention to himself.

With the abilities he developed from the lighting at Walmart. he became SuperKen, while still maintaining his secret identity as mild-mannered Kenny Kent. But, Kennyís true identity was revealed to all one day when Walmart supervisors handed out yellow capes to the employees. Upon donning his cape, the lights of Walmart went out! Only the sun coming through the skylights revealed the scene as five foot four Kenny Kent transformed into 6 foot five SUPERKEN! The lights came back on as witnesses gasped. Kennyís true identity was revealed!

SuperKen possesses the ability to fly under his own power. He also has incredible strength and near invulnerability, as he can only be harmed by the element Amazonite. (Get it? Walmart vs. Amazon! LOL!)

When I bust out laughing at my own jokes, writing, biographies, I know Iíve nailed it.


So what's with the super hero thing?
Thanks for asking!

The Super Heroes Project

I love painting realism as you can see in my portrait paintings. But I have so much fun doing goofy cartoony stuff like the vegetables wearing sun glasses! With my Super Heroes and Secret Agents project I bring the two styles together.

So, where did this idea come from? I saw a video of Carol Burnett in a Super Girl skit from the old Gary Moore show. (Click here!) Though she appeared to be a mild mannered secretary who had a crush on a co-worker, she was really SUPER GIRL in disguise! There were some bad guys causing trouble for the object of her affections. When no one was around, she ducked into a closet and changed into her Super Girl costume, did her Tarzan yell and jumped out the window. In the next scene you see her "flying." But really she was lying on her side on a board with a fan blowing her cape around. I cracked up!

The wheels started turning and the rest is history.

When I was a kid, I never missed an episode of the Batman TV series starring Adam West. I even used to dream that I was Batman. I would ride my bike down the street with the other neighborhood kids singing at the top of our lungs, "Bah-bah bah-bah bah-bah bah-bah, bah-bah bah-bah bah-bah bah-bah, BATMAN!"

I was in Catholic grade school then and my Mom sewed my Virgin Mary costume for Halloween; well, actually, All Saints Day. The costume included a blue cape. It didnít take me long to realize that, from then on, I got to be Batman! Everybody else had table cloths tied around their necks. But I had a REAL CAPE!

Who wouldnít want to be a super hero? We all have super powers; something that we are really good at and that most people can't do. My own superpower is that I can stand on my head in the lotus position. My dog has super powers too. She has the power of mind control and can get me to do whatever she wants! 

Whatís your super power?

Bah-bah bah-bah bah-bah bah-bah, bah-bah bah-bah bah-bah bah-bah, BATMAN!

(Geez! I crack me up!)