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 500 or 172x 75




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Acrylic on Canvas
5x7 2018

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THE CHICK has a Swarovski crystal eye and crystals on her ankle bracelets. Her gold cape and ankle jewelry are done in metallic gold paint. The highlights are done in iridescent paint.

the-chick-left-edge.jpg (106446 bytes)  the-chick-bottom-edge.jpg (194152 bytes)
The edges are decorated with a take-off from the Batman theme song.
"Buck-Buck, Buck-Buck, Buck-Buck, Buck-Buck,
Buck-Buck, Buck-Buck,
Buck-Buck, Buck-Buck, CHICKEN!"


The Story of THE CHICK and How
She Got Her Super Powers

In a lab-or-atory tucked into the side of a mountain in Kentucky, evil scientists worked on a diabolical plot to make chickens grow faster and larger than anyone ever imagined. These geniuses sought to manipulate the DNA of the new super-sized chickens to make them become suddenly boneless at maturity. But something went terribly awry.

(Dun-dun DUNNNN!)

A lab assistant dropped a beaker of DNA on the la-bor-atory floor that contaminated it with the DNA of a buffalo! The resulting hen grew and grew until she reached the size of a large bison! The scientists thought they had a huge success on their hands knowing that this gigantic, soon-to-be-boneless chicken would be worth a fortune. But instead of becoming boneless, she developed intelligence and powers far beyond those of any animal on the planet.

Enraged, deranged and ruffled when she learned of the inhumane living conditions of her fellow chickens, THE CHICK blew fire out of her beak! Her powers now unleashed, she broke out of the la-bor-atory. She sought to wreak havoc on all who would put chickens in tiny cages, stacked one on top of the other so that they pooped on each othersí heads!

THE CHICK traveled the countryside exacting justice for all poultry-kind. She barbequed anyone who stood in the way of her saving the others from lives of battery cages, suffering and bonelessness.


The Story of Painting The Chick

I paint my farm animal portraits working exclusively from my own photography. 

I buy organic eggs from a farm that's only about 15 minutes away from where I live. I love taking pictures of the chickens when they are out in their yard. They're so pretty and they seem happy in a chickenny sort of way. The owner of the farm showed me the interior of the barn. There are no cages.  It's simply a huge room where the chickens hang out and do chicken stuff. It's clean and bright and doesn't stink. That's the kind of place I want my eggs to come from.

When I started painting The Chick I really had no idea where the painting would take me. You might say that the ideas about her grew organically. (Nyuck nyuck.) 

I went into this painting knowing only that she would have a cape. One thing led to another and I knew I had to make her big; really big! So I put her in the middle of  Highway 33  to depict her size relative to her surroundings. Then I asked myself how it came to be that she was so big. And why? 

It upsets me to know that factory produced chickens are kept in battery cages. These cages are stacked on top of each other, several layers high. There are no floors in the cages, only wire. The chickens actually poop onto the cages below them. What a horrible way to live! So this super hero is out to get revenge for the horrible way chickens are treated.

I remember quite a while ago when buffalo wings first became a thing. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that they were made out of chicken. What the hell? So of course, The Chick is the result of a biological experiment gone wrong, blending the DNA of a chicken with that of  a buffalo.

Original paintings are accompanied by a framed copy of person's back story.