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Super-Ken-web.JPG (130570 bytes)
Acrylic on Canvas
5x7 2018

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The background is done in metallic silver paint. His black bracelet features a Swarovski crystal. His jewelry is also painted in metallic silver.  The edges are decorated with a take-off from the intro to the old Superman TV show:
DSC06306.JPG (348554 bytes)
"Faster than a bar code scanner!"
"Able to fix self-checkouts with the swipe of his card!"
"Look! At the self-checkout! "
"Itís a shopper!
Itís an associate! 



Kenny's Story
It's SuperKen!
Able to Leap Walmart in a Single Bound!

Sent as a baby to Earth from the dying planet Ben-ton, Ken-Nee was discovered and adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent of Smallville, Wisconsin. They named him Kenny. The young Kenny Kent, got his first job in high school working at the La Crosse Walmart. While working there, the flourescent lights seemed to have an odd effect on him. The more he worked, the stronger he became! He was small for his age and there was nothing normal about his superhuman strength!

Kennyís parents brought him up to do the right thing. As Walmart associate Kenny Kent, he devoted his life to helping others. He believed it to be immoral to let anyone leave Walmart without a smile on their faces under any circumstances.

One day, a tall display of paper towels began to wobble as a mother and her baby passed by. From the other side of the store, he instantly appeared (or did he fly?) and pushed the family out of harmís way and steadied the paper towels at the same time! People marveled at the sight. He had a hard time talking his way out of it. From then on he learned to hide his abilities and to not draw attention to himself.

With the super human strength and abilities  he developed thanks to the fluorescent lighting at Walmart, he became SuperKen!!  But still he maintained his secret identity as mild-mannered Kenny Kent. 

But, something amazing happened! One day the Walmart supervisors handed out yellow capes to the employees. Upon donning his cape, the lights of Walmart flickered and then went out! Only the sun coming through the skylights revealed the scene as five foot four Kenny Kent transformed into 6 foot five SUPERKEN! The lights came back on as witnesses gasped. Kennyís true identity was revealed!

SuperKen possesses the ability to fly under his own power. He also has incredible strength and near invulnerability, as he can only be harmed by the element Amazonite. 

(Get it? Walmart vs. Amazon! LOL!) When I bust out laughing at my own jokes, I know Iíve nailed it.

The Story of Painting SuperKen

I was in the self-checkout area at Walmart one day and the guy managing the area greeted me with a smile and a big personality. His badge said that his name was Kenny and, danged if he wasn't wearing a yellow cape! I was shocked! I had never seen a Walmart employee dressed as a super hero before. I introduced myself and told him I was working on a super heroes project and asked if he would pose for photos. He obliged. I got down on the floor and took photos looking up at him to give the feeling that he is towering over the viewer.

I have exhibited this painting at several art shows and people always recognize the man in the painting as "that guy from the south side Walmart."

Original paintings are accompanied by a framed copy of person's back story.