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Lola and Alice Save the Planet

Lola:  Get ready for the Alpacalypse bad guys!
Lola whispering: Okay Alice! On the count of three...
Alice whispering but in her toughest voice: They'll never know what hit 'em Mom!

Editor's note (box lower right corner):
"In a post-apocalyptic world, it's up to Lola and Alice  to save the planet from the forces of evil!"

Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 16"
$480 plus shipping.
When the cost of shipping has been determined, I will contact you.
The painting is unframed. The artwork extends around the edges of the canvas and no framing is necessary.

Prints and greeting cards are available!

About the Painting of Lola and Alice

The painting of Lola and Alice is the first in my Super Hero series.

Lola and her daughter Alice are wearing  head bands painted in metallic gold and steel  and their collars are painted in metallic gold and copper. They wear Swarovski crystal earrings in their ears.

Lola and Alice really are mother and daughter. At first I was going to present them as a crime fighting super hero and her sidekick playing off the "dynamic duo" concept of Batman and Robin.  But I soon realized there was real power in revealing that they are not just two female super heroes but they are parent/child super heroes. There is also a theme of girl power represented here that Ive never seen in any comic series where the heroes are parent and child.

My friend Nadine Beezley and her husband own Hickory Wind Alpaca farm near Bangor, Wisconsin. She was kind enough to let me do a photo shoot at the farm.

In doing my research for super hero accessories I stumbled on a poster for the new Wonder Woman movie where Wonder Woman is in a burnt out post-apocalyptic landscape. And then I had it! The ALPACA-lypse! Ha ha ha ha! This portrait was such a joy to paint. I loved playing up their femininity with the Swarovski crystal earrings and metallic collars and headbands.

I have always had a great love for animals and a strong commitment to buying organic and locally grown foods. In this and my vegetable paintings, there is an underlying theme of bringing awareness to the destruction being done to our planet and our food supply. Who will save us?

Original paintings are accompanied by a framed copy of person's back story.