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Henry the Labradude
Vanquishes His Nemesis,
 Rodentia, Queen of the Evil Rodent Underworld
Acrylic on Canvas. 12 x 12.
This was a commissioned work.. A similar painting of your pet (full body) will cost $325.
This painting is sold but prints and greeting cards are available!


Henry’s Story

I was commissioned to paint a small full face portrait of Henry similar to the little 10x10 acrylic I did of Gigi. I emailed Henry's mom, Elaine asking her to tell me more about Henry; his hobbies, his favorite treats, his super powers; you know, the usual stuff. She sent me more pictures. When I saw the one where he has a dead mouse in his mouth, I just HAD to paint it! I was also going to paint the face portrait for Henry's parents.  But the dead mouse portrait was for my own entertainment! I mean, who would want a portrait of their dog munching on a dead mouse? I posted the progress now and then on Facebook.  Much tomy surprise, delight and disappointment, Henry's parents saw what I was doing and they decided they wanted THAT painting!  (Dang!)

Here's Elaine's email about Henry and his many talents.

 Hi Cheri,

I've attached more photos that depict Henry's personality. His full name is Henry T. Dog. The "T" stands for "The." He's a labradoodle that weighs in at 40 lbs and will be celebrating his 8th birthday on June 18th. The first photo "Hunter" shows him with one of his "kills."   Yes, that’s a real dead mouse. He is an avid hunter and he often catches and kills things,  like a squirrel, rat, mice and several birds. He loves to swim but only if you throw a stick into the water that he can retrieve. It has to be a stick, not a ball and he will do it all day long. He's a major family man and goes to all kid sporting events and roots for his sisters. His best friend is Rubio (Spanish for "Blond" not to be confused with Marco Rubio). And one of his favorite things in the world is to go on the boat which I can't say out loud without him jumping all over me.

He's a sweet guy (except to critters), mellow except when there's a stick and water involved, a very picky eater, sleeps in our bed and has immense separation anxiety when we leave him with friends when traveling. He wants to go with us and often does. Hope this helps!


This is the photo I used for reference.


 You might notice that in the reference photo, Henry's back feet are behind him. If I were to put that back foot in the painting, it might not look like a foot at all! It might look like some other appendage (if ya know what I mean)!  I had to get creative. I researched photos of labradoodles on the internet until I found one where the dog was standing at an angle. Thus I was able to correct the composition. Next I wanted him to have a SuperMan letter on his chest. So I researched dog harnesses until I found an image that would suit my purpose. Next I needed a cape. I paint animals in a realistic style and I aim for a more cartoony effect for their super hero accessories. Nevertheless, I just can't fake a cape and have it look decent! I found a photo of a little boy wearing a cape and that gave me the folds and shadows that I needed. I placed Henry on a mountain top with Wonder Woman stars in the sky. I had the painting pretty much complete when it dawned on me. The rat needs a cape too! A super hero can't have an ordinary rat for his nemesis!  The evil rat had to be a super villain! And yes, I made her a rat. Mice are too cute to be villains. She had to be a rat. Just sayin'.

Henry-approves-web.jpg (402039 bytes)
Henry approved of his portrait.
Henrys_shrine-web.jpg (265128 bytes)
This is Henry's shrine.

Original paintings are accompanied by a framed copy of person's back story.