Cheri Spencer Hag
Painter of Life's Moments

Secret Agents

The secret agents are real "people" and have given me permission to use their real names. Scroll to the bottom to read their personal stories.

The trend in art is towards impressionism and abstract. I'm a realist and my style is kind of goofy.  I think I'll call it "real-goofy-ism."

These acrylic paintings are on 5x7 gallery wrapped canvas.
 All four edges are decorated with little cartoons and jokes. 
Iridescent highlights add to the playfulness.  
Secret Agent ladies are wearing Swarovski crystal earrings.

Most  paintings cost $125 making a grouping of three very affordable. 

Super Heroes

Secret Agents

Mild Mannered Secret Identities


Vegetables Incognito

Rock Stars

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james-bull-web-best.jpg (384270 bytes)
Bull, James Bull
  tarzhe-turquoise-web.jpg (63437 bytes)
Secret Agent #253, Tarzhe'
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Secret Agent #442, Meghan