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Bull, James Bull
Secret Agent 163
Acrylic on Canvas
5x7 2018
This painting is sold but prints and greeting cards are available!
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 All four edges are decorated with little cartoons and jokes. 
Iridescent highlights add to the playfulness.  


 Secret Agent 163
James’ Story

When was it that farmers started putting those numbered tags on cows’ ears? The first time I saw that, I remember thinking of the lyrics to Johnny Rivers’ song "Secret Agent Man."

"They’ve given him a number and taken away his name!"

James is actually a steer in real life. I took artistic license to name him James Bull. I could have painted him with the um, er, bull equipment but, nah. We’ll just pretend he’s got what it takes to please the ladies.

In the world of raising cattle, steers aren’t given names. Instead they are given a number and identified with their mother’s name. Agent Number 163 is the son of Violet. He would probably have a hearty laugh if he knew I had renamed him "James Bull!"

Agent 163 likes his "mootinis" shaken, not stirred. He wears his Glock in a custom designed thigh holster.

Original paintings are accompanied by a framed copy of person's back story.