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Santa Dan
You'd Better Watch Out!
Oil on Canvas, Framed

The Story of
"You'd Better Watch Out"

 I had an idea that I would like to paint a portrait of Santa Claus. But I needed a model. Shortly after hatching this brainstorm, I was in a drugstore and saw a man who was the spitting image of Santa Claus. He had a long white beard and a belly that shook like a bowl full of jelly. I meekly walked up to him begging his forgiveness for bothering him. I told him that I am a portrait artist and that I would like to do a portrait of Santa Claus. I asked if he would mind posing for photos for me. He whipped out a business card showing that he really is Santa Claus! He and Mrs. Claus agreed to meet me at a park for the photo shoot. It was July, hot and humid. Nevertheless, they showed up in their red velvet outfits trimmed with white fur. It was so fun taking their photos and watching children in the park freaking out over the fact that Santa Claus was in town in the middle of summer!


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