Cheri Spencer Hag
Painter of Life's Moments

Rock Stars

These acrylic paintings are on 5x7 gallery wrapped canvas.
 All four edges are decorated with little cartoons and jokes. 
Iridescent highlights and crystals add to the playfulness.  


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Secret Agents

Mild Mannered Secret Identities


Vegetables Incognito

Rock Stars

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rock-lobster-web-copyrighted.jpg (108853 bytes) 
Kate the Rock Lobster
Acrylic on Canvas
5x7 2017

Prints and greeting cards are available!
rocklobsterdetail-manta-ray-amz.jpg (312644 bytes)
There goes a manta ray!


rocklobsterdetail-giantclam-amz.jpg (287625 bytes)
He was in a jam 
with a giant clam!
rocklobsterdetail-jellyfish-amz.jpg (518671 bytes)
In walked a jelly fish!


rocklobsterdetail-piranha-norwal-amz.jpg (423901 bytes)
here goes a Narwal. 
Watch out for that piranha!
The Rock Lobster painting is decorated with green Swarovski crystals on the guitar's keys and on the artist's signature. Highlights are done in iridescent paint. The edges of the canvas are decorated with images from the B-52's 1978 song, "Rock Lobster."